Coffee Table Metamorphosis

BHD 449.000

The coffee table from the Metamorphosis series is the perfect way to say goodbye to boredom and predictability once and for all. Through innovative furniture designs, Kare Design once again proves that you do not have to replace the entire living room equipment to refresh and diversify its image – all you need to do is use a bit of decorative fantasy and put on expressive, color accents. The design asymmetry visible on the front of the body, combined with various colors and eclectic details, will make the coffee table an extremely original element that complements both modern and avant-garde interiors. Not only will it allow you to conveniently put down a cup or glass with a drink, but it will also give you the opportunity to aesthetically display decorative trinkets and vases with flowers.

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Dimensions 68 × 120 × 45 cm


Legs Color



wood, oak

BHD 449.000
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